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Ganzheitliche Energiearbeit


Bettina┬┤s Wohlf├╝hlecke

Personal Information

With my family roots in Graz, I studied veterinary medicine at the university of veterinary medicine in Vienna. After that I finished my Phd with accolade in 2008. While studying, I was also working for 4.5 years at the department of anatomy and histology at the university as a student's assistent - helping other students during the classes. This was very useful to gain a well-grounded knowledge of anatomy, which was essential for my continuing educations as well as my work. I also attended the acupuncture class of the IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) and succeded in the final exam while still studying. In addition i was attending courses of manual lymphdrainage in horses (manual lymphdrainage by Dr. Vodder).
Various continuing educations and the participation in international congresses expand my knowledge. Since 2009 I focus on Cranio Sacral Therapy, which I am able to combine successfully with acupuncture in animals.

Since early childhood I'm in touch with horses and have been successful in many competitions during a couple of years. I still use to spend my spare time with my own horse.

My spiritual searching lead me on the paths of Reiki, Shamanism and all kinds of work with energy and consciousness. This knowledge has become integrated in my work to be able to combine compassion, love from the heart and gentle touch to provide help to the self-healing- and transformation process of body and mind.

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