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Manual Lymphdrainage

The lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system of the body. Its main functions are draining of tissue fluids, immun system and body-defense, drainig of fats from nutrition in the intestine and maintaining the fluid homeostasis in the body.

Manual lymphdrainage influences the lymphatic system by supporting the production of lymphatic fluids and draining of this fluids. The effects are anti-edemic, relaxing, pain-reducing and calming. muscle regeneration is supported and digestion and purification are stimulated. The body defense mechanism are stimulated as well. With the fast draining of waste products in tissues, healing and regeneration can be influenced in a positve way.

With a few contraindications like fever, infectional diseases, heart insufficience, acute thrombosis and malign tumors, indications for manual lymphdrainage are:

-    edema, chronic phlegmons
-    tendovaginits
-    disturbances of nlood supply in the distal extremities
-    laminitis, podotrochlosis, arthrosis (i.e. sparvin)
-    lumbago, tying up
-    chronic respiratory diseases (RAO, chronic bronchitis)
-    competition horses (release of tight muscles)
-    predisposition to colics (stimulation of digestion)
-    wellness, relaxing, increasing the comfort of the horse