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Ganzheitliche Energiearbeit


Bettina┬┤s Wohlf├╝hlecke

Legal Notes

Ladies and Gentlemen
We would respectfully like to point out that it is forbidden for professional reasons to give a diagnosis or consultation by phone, e-mail or in the forum. If you have any questions or problems about your health, please contact your doctor. We cannot answer ANY questions concerning a diagnosis or consultation by phone or e-mail. In addition, we strongly advise against a self-treatment! Our offer is only information.
1. Content on the pages of
The information generated on the online pages of are provided with great care. There is still no guarantee for error-free-ness. Liability for any direct or indirect damages of material or immaterial nature caused by the use or misuse of the information on these pages, is excluded. The use is entirely at your own risk. The author reserves the right to change parts of the site without prior notice, add, delete or cease publication temporarily or permanently.
2. Links and references offers not only their own information, but also references and hyperlinks (links) to other Internet sites. Neither content nor the design of other websites are subject to our sphere of influence. With hyperlinks to other sites we do not imply an endorsement, support or confirmation to the existing local content. The information presented on the foreign pages, comments, or claims are the sole responsibility of the respective authors of these pages. We,, therefore connot accept any liability.
 3. Copyright and Trademark Law
All within the pages of named and possibly by third protected brands and trademarks are subject to the provisions of applicable trademark law and the ownership rights of the copyright owner. The mere mention does not draw the conclusion that trademarks are not protected by rights of third parties. The copyright of the author's self-created objects, texts, publications, audio and graphics remains with the author. Any reproduction and/or use of such objects, texts, publications, audio and graphics in other electronic or printed publications without the expressed permission of the author is forbidden.
4. Legal validity of this disclaimer
If sections or individual formulations of this statement are not legal, partly or completely, the other parts of the text remain unchanged in their content and validity.
5. Statistics on this home page
We would like to point out that we use Google Analytics to improve and optimize this home page.