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Ganzheitliche Energiearbeit


Bettina┬┤s Wohlf├╝hlecke




Over 200 years ago Samuel Hahnemann founded the classical homeopathy on the principle that disease may be cured by using a remedy which leads to exactly the same symptoms of this disease in a healthy person. It takes care of the individual needs and tries to find and to work on the root of the disturbance.

Classical homeopathy uses only single-remedies which are adequate to the symptoms of the patient. Today there are also composita successfully used.They are discussed controversely by experts and they are said to be everything else but homeopathy.

The making of homeopathic remedies is based on a special process, the so-called "dilution". Information/Energy is stored by a certain way of shaking. How this exactely works cannot be proven nore be disproven scientifically yet.
Experience has shown that the result of homeopathic remedies can be reduced by certain substances like coffe, tea, essential oils, cortison, antibiotics or by simply keeping them close to electronical devices (TV, Radio, computer) or radiation (cellular phone, microwave).

Limits of this tratment are in example bone fractures, final state of cancer, genetic diseases....